After Massive Weight Loss

You have spent significant time and effort to lose excess weight, and you are proud to see your slimmer, healthier new shape. At the same time, though, you may be less pleased about all the loose, sagging skin that hampers your active lifestyle and can make everyday activities difficult. At their metro Kalamazoo and Battle Creek, MI, plastic surgery offices, Dr. Scott Holley and Dr. Raghu Elluru help a wide variety of patients tighten and smooth their bodies and reshape their look to match the energetic, revitalized feel of their new lifestyle.

For a sensitive approach and dependable results, post-bariatric patients trust the doctors at Great Lakes Plastic & Hand Surgery. To find out more about the ways you can enhance the look of your body and complete your post weight loss transformation, request a consultation online or contact them at (269) 329-2900 (Kalamazoo/Portage) or (269) 979-0900 (Battle Creek).

Your Post Weight Loss Plastic Surgery Consultation

Whether you lost weight through bariatric surgery or a weight loss program, Dr. Holley and Dr. Elluru respect the persistence and hard work that have brought you this far, and they want to help you complete your journey to a new you. They will take the time to evaluate your health history and make sure you develop reasonable, focused goals before recommending a procedure that makes sense for your body.

Browse our body contouring before-and-after photo gallery to see our surgeons’ results with a few of the many variations on post weight loss surgery

Lift Procedure Basics

Treatment areas

Arms, Inner and Outer Thighs, Lower and Upper Abdomen, Buttocks, Upper and Lower Back, Flanks, Upper Pubic Area.


Create a smoother, firmer look by removing loose excess skin and, if necessary, localized fatty deposits.

Ask Your Surgeon

  • Which option will create the most dramatic improvement?
  • Will I need liposuction or another combination approach to ensure a smooth result?
  • May I talk with one of your previous post bariatric patients to discuss his or her results?
  • Can your office help me find out whether my insurance will help cover my procedure?


Patients may be back to their normal activities within two to three weeks, and can usually expect to resume more strenuous activities within the month. Note that multiple treatment areas or combination procedures will require more downtime to ensure a smooth recovery.

Your Post Weight Loss Plastic Surgery Procedure

When you meet with your surgeon, he will review your health history and make sure that your weight has stabilized before examining your current shape and discussing your goals. The surgeons at our plastic surgery offices are highly experienced in a number of approaches and can explain the advantages of each. They will be happy to help you decide on a plan that fits your budget and offers the most significant benefits for the areas you want to correct.

Some of the most popular post weight loss procedures at Great Lakes Plastic & Hand Surgery include:

  • Arm lift: Through an incision hidden on the inside of the arm, your surgeon removes excess tissue to give your arms a slimmer, more toned look that flatters your whole upper torso.
  • Thigh lift: Loose excess thigh skin makes legs appear old and “wattled” and prevents you from feeling confident in summer clothes. In this procedure an incision is made along the inner or outer thigh in order to remove loose tissue and create a tighter look.
  • Full Lower Body Lift: For severe sagging skin and stubborn fatty patches around the lower body, this approach removes loose skin and fat in a belt-like band around the hips, flanks, thighs, and lower belly – key problem areas for most post bariatric patients.
  • Combination lifts: Many post weight loss patients find that the skin on their face or breasts has begun to sag. Correct two or more problem areas at once by combining a body or thigh lift with mastopexy (breast lift), facelift, or another option.

Our surgeons care that you feel confident about each step of your procedure, so they will meet with you before your surgery to go over any questions about the surgery and the recovery process. They will also plan a follow-up session during your recovery to make sure you are healing normally and comfortably.

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