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Facelift & Neck Lift

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In Battle Creek, our highly qualified facelift surgeons help both men and women of a variety of ages reverse the effects of age, sun damage, and weight changes so they can enjoy a more toned, revitalized appearance. Dr. Scott Holley and Dr. Raghu Elluru aim to treat each patient like family, so they take a caring, individual approach and use advanced techniques that help their patients enjoy natural, beautiful results.

For high standards in precision, personal treatment, and patient safety, facial plastic surgery patients trust our Great Lakes Plastic & Hand Surgery's plastic surgeons. Find out more about your options for natural-looking results in custom-tailored facial plastic surgery when you request a consultation online or contact them by phone at (269) 329-2900 (Kalamazoo/Portage) or (269) 979-0900 (Battle Creek).

Your Facelift Consultation

Natural-looking results are essential for satisfying facelift surgery. Patients from Battle Creek, Lansing, Kalamazoo, and the greater Grand Rapids area recognize that for good results, they need to be able to trust their surgeon to create subtle, effective changes that make sense for their look and objectives.

Our surgeons firmly believe that an effective facelift procedure should restore a more balanced, refreshed appearance to your features, but at the same time retain the unique characteristics that make you special. In your consultation, you and your surgeon will take the time to discuss your goals and options so that together you can strive for a result that looks balanced and natural.

Facelift and Neck Lift Basics

Technical Name: Rhytidectomy
Goals: Enhance the contour and texture of facial and neck tissues, tighten loose skin and mild to severe wrinkles and folds, and sculpt a younger, more energetic appearance.
Ask Your Surgeon:
  • What type of facelift or neck lift would be best for my facial structure and aging pattern?
  • What steps do you take to prevent and hide scars with each approach?
  • Should I consider an additional procedure such as a brow lift to ensure balanced results?
  • May I meet with one of your previous facelift or neck lift patients to learn more about their experience?
  • Can your office suggest financing options that could fit my needs?
Recovery: Facelift recovery is a highly individual process, but most patients feel comfortable going out within two weeks. Cover-up makeup can typically be worn within five days of surgery, and the typical patient feels fully recovered within a month or so.

Your Facelift Procedure

Dr. Holley and Dr. Elluru have both trained extensively in a full range of facial plastic surgery techniques, including microsurgery and other complex approaches, and they will discuss your goals with you thoroughly before they make a suggestion. Our plastic surgeons use a variety of surgical approaches to fine-tune their facelift and neck lift results to the individual patient. The two basic options include:

  • Facelift: Focused on the mid- to lower-face area, this procedure can dramatically reduce the appearance of larger folds and smaller "static" wrinkles from the upper cheeks to the jaw line. In the typical approach, your surgeon will create a thin incision beginning just above the ear and extending in a gentle curve along the front of the ear, to end behind the earlobe. Through this incision your surgeon will lift, tighten, and reposition the facial muscles that extend from the cheek to the jaw line, creating a younger-looking contour.

  • Neck lift: Focused on the chin, jaw line, and central neck area, a neck lift tightens and smoothes the "neck wattle" and loose tissues near the chin caused by age, genetics or other factors. Depending on the causes of your loose neck tissue, your surgeon may recommend a neck lift that will tighten the loose neck muscles, eliminate sagging skin through an incision hidden below the chin, or remove sagging pockets of fat from the neck or lower-jaw area using liposuction in the Grand Rapids area.

To ensure your comfort throughout the surgical process, neck lifts and facelifts are performed at our plastic surgery centers under general anesthesia. Most facial procedures take two to four hours to perform, although your surgeon will extend your operative time if you receive an added procedure such as eyelid surgery or facial implants for the cheeks or chin to complete your results.

Great Lakes Plastic & Hand Surgery's doctors use up-to-date techniques that facilitate healing and promote healthy results. Learn why so many satisfied patients have chosen us for facial procedures like facelift and neck lift when you contact our offices today at (269) 329-2900 (Kalamazoo/Portage) or (269) 979-0900 (Battle Creek).

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